A Big Thank you to the community!

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Pursuing this matter was a responsibility, not an ‘overreaction’ as one individual has claimed.

It was a decision that arose out of Dr Nasis’ own inaction.

On Monday evening during my meeting with Dr Nasis, I explained that his inaction over four months in not accepting responsibility for his comments and not forthcoming with an apology drove this matter to the public domain and to me contacting his employers.

On behalf of my family, I accepted Dr Nasis’ apology whilst simultaneously challenging his behaviour and his personal association of Jews and bankers and money which he explained was the reason that he used the term, “Jew-bag”

Having this incident in the public domain was forced upon us due to Dr Nasis‘s four months of inaction, which began in July when he was told by his sister, and then when he was informed by Monash University.

The need to raise awareness of the prevalence of antisemitic behaviour and rhetoric publicly has had a heavy price for my family; revisiting the incident, the emotions and stress created & associated therein.

On behalf of my family, I would like to sincerely thank the community near and far for their overwhelmingly positive support.

The messages, emails, phone calls, from people both known and unknown, the multitude of Doctors and those in the medical profession, CEOs and committee members on many hospital boards,- it has been endless, humbling yet affirming, motivating and extremely appreciated.

The community’s response and their outrage has demonstrated our strong attitude toward antisemitism and has shown that as a community we remain steadfast in not accepting antisemitic behaviour.

The unity amongst the community is heartwarming and should provide relief and hope to all that as a community there is a process and immense support to ensure we can challenge wrongful behaviour and provide awareness and education.

We should continue to convey the message #NeverAgain, that the Jewish community is united in NOT tolerating antisemitism and ensuring those many millions who have lost their lives merely for being Jewish did not do so in vain.

Thank you again.


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