“This is the momentous, precedent-setting news we have all been waiting for”: ADC hails Israel-UAE agreement

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Dr Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC), issued the following statement following the announcement that Israel and the UAE have signed an agreement for full diplomatic relations between the two countries

“This is the kind of momentous, precedent-setting news we have all been waiting for, and we applaud this historical diplomatic breakthrough that will normalise relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and is the first step towards genuine peace.

These accords send the unmistakable message that in a region best by chaos, extremism and conflict, old animosities can be put aside in favour of collaboration and cooperation.

In many ways, this great day may transform the fabric of this troubled region and serve as a beacon of hope for all people.

We also commend the critical role the United States played in brokering this milestone deal that will promote the cause of reconciliation and will hopefully spur other nations in the Middle-East, as well the Palestinians, to come to the negotiating table and strike a similar deal with Israel.”

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