“Richard Minack should resign”: Response by the victims

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The following responses to the letter sent by Brighton Secondary College Principal Mr Minack were written by the mother and her two sons who were the subject of the recent news coverage about the antisemitic incidents in Brighton Secondary College.

Today I was saddened to see a lengthy rambling from Richard Minack at Brighton Secondary.

His response is complete denial.

My children bravely spoke out about Richard Minack’s failure to follow his own rules about zero tolerance to antisemitism.

He continually fails to resolve any issues related to antisemitism.

Very disappointing.

How many kids need to come out before he will accept that there is a major problem?


It’s a Principal’s job to know what’s happening at his school.

Richard Minack is either incapable of doing his job or is misleading the public about what is happening.

As a student who witnessed it and was assaulted because of his religion at Brighton Secondary, Richard Minack has failed to react to the countless incident reports that I  filed.

Which makes me think that Richard Minack doesn’t care about his students.

After all, high school is one of the hardest years of a teenager’s life and the principal should be someone who can be relied on.

I’m disappointed and disgusted with the lack of response and with the Department of Education.

Because of these reasons, I believe that the students at Brighton Secondary and the Jewish community will be much safer if Richard Minack resigns from his position at Brighton sec.


The statement Richard Minack made regarding the media reports about his actions and the actions of the school is one of denial and is disgraceful.

For him to deny his wrongdoings even after several families bravely came out and spoke up against something that is so wrong, makes it hurt even more.

It shows that his actions are still well below what you would expect from any person, let alone someone with power.

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