Letter from Susannah Swiatlo thanking the ADC

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Firstly, I would like to thank the ADC for the important work that they do in combating antisemitism and racism.

In July of this year, during rental negotiations which included my brother Paul Micmacher, myself, and our then landlord,  I received an email written by Dr Arthur Nasis which was antisemitic in nature and directed at my brother.

As has been noted in the Herald Sun article published yesterday, I was in shock and sadness having to reread the email several times in disbelief.

 After discussion with family, I contacted Chairman of the ADC, Dvir Abramovich, to inquire as to the avenues I could take to ensure Dr Nasis was held accountable for the harmful, antisemitic comment he made.

Throughout the process, Dvir has guided, supported, advised and encouraged me, respected our hurt and sensitivities, yet never pushed me to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with.

After reading the article and the incredible support from so many people that has followed, I feel humbled.

I have been described as brave, or as winning, but neither is the case – I am not brave, and there are no winners- I am a proud member of the Jewish community, a parent, a wife, a child, a sibling.

I have a responsibility to my family & my community past, present and future.

I have an obligation not to ignore comments such as the ones made by Dr Nasis and to hopefully ensure that he receives the appropriate education.

I am determined to ensure that the millions who lost their lives throughout history just for being Jewish did not die in vain.

Once again, I’m incredibly grateful to Dvir and the ADC for not only providing a professional, legal and supportive framework to facilitate the awareness about racism and antisemitism but for ensuring that such misconceptions can be addressed and rectified.



Susannah Swiatlo



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