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The Anti-Defamation Commission has slammed Amazon Australia for its decision to reinstate sales of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

This decision comes after the online retail-giant Amazon banned the sale of most editions of  Mein Kampf and other Nazi propaganda books. At first, the world’s biggest e-commerce company informed  booksellers that they could no longer continue to offer Mein Kampf, including second-hand copies, explaining that Nazi-authored texts, violate, the company’s “code of conduct”.

However, the company has now reversed its position and is once again selling this satanic manifesto. In addition to a hardcover edition, Amazon Australia is also offering a Kindle version of Mein Kampf which features Hitler’s paintings and poems

Anti-Defamation Commission, Dvir Abramovich, issued the following statement:

“Amazon Australia has betrayed us all. What don’t they get? This is not just another book with a “viewpoint”, but a warped, poisonous work of pure evil which was the inspiration for the worst mass murder the world has ever seen. Mein Kampf  still retains a powerful appeal for antisemites and white-supremacists who worship Hitler and who celebrate the horrific crimes that his regime committed.

Written by a monster responsible for the extermination of six million Jews and millions of others, it is an incitement to murder, plain and simple, and selling it, especially a Kindle edition with Hitler’s paintings and poems, is a slap in the face to the memory of the victims, survivors and the brave diggers. Consider the pain a Holocaust survivor, who lost family at the hands of the Nazis, would feel knowing that this blueprint for genocide is sitting on Amazon’s virtual shelves.

If Amazon Australia’s goal is to increase their following and popularity among the white-supremacists and neo-Nazis, then they are on the right track.

We  reiterate our call to Amazon Australia to find its moral centre and not to provide another avenue for Hitler’s message to reach a new generation of readers.

Our message to them is crystal clear: withdraw this dark text immediately.  You owe it not just to the victims and to the survivors, but to all of us.”


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