ADC deplores neo-Nazi vandalism targeting Premier Andrews

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Dr Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission has denounced  a poster, discovered in Highett, depicting Premier Andrews with a Hitler moustache and with a swastika drawn on his forehead:

“This is an attack on all Victorians, plain and simple, and cannot stand,” Dr Abramovich said.

“Such craven vandalism is a distressing reminder that white-supremacism still remains strong and that there are individuals walking our streets with burning hatred in their hearts who will stop at nothing to promote their poisonous ideology.”

“We deplore these ugly actions for what they represent: an abhorrent assault on our democratic system and on the core values all Victorians share and cherish.

Using these evil symbols to attack our elected representatives is an insult to the memory of victims murdered at the hands of the Nazis and to those brave Australian soldiers who sacrificed their lives to defeat Hitler’s Third Reich.

It is also a kick in the guts of every Holocaust survivor.

We trust that those who carried out this outrageous act are identified and are brought to justice.

We call on all religious and political leaders to declare in one voice that such reprehensible conduct will never be tolerated in our nation.”



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