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Dr Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the ADC, issued the following statement to mark International Women’s Day:

“In honour of International Women’s Day, the ADC joins millions around the world to pay tribute and to celebrate the political, economic, social and cultural achievements of women as they strive towards gender equality, fair payment and empowerment.

On a daily basis, Australian women make tremendous contributions and attain remarkable feats in every sector of our society.

It is our duty to respect and to support their aspirations and rights.

This can only continue if we ensure that women are safe from all forms of violence in their homes, schools and work, and have easy access to help when they suffer such abuse.

The ADC, since its inception, has been committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive nation, in which all people, regardless of their faith, background, creed, colour, sexual orientation and gender are able to actualise their full potential.

On this important occasion, we must all pledge to join the campaign to break down the barriers of discrimination that oppress and subjugate women, to advance the rights of women and girls, and to create greater opportunities for them in our communities, here and abroad.

This is a pivotal investment in our future and each one of us must stand alongside them in fighting for this critical and bold change.”


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