Thank you ADC: Mother of the boy forced to kiss the feet of a Muslim child writes to Dvir Abramovich

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Last year, a 12-year-old Jewish student at Cheltenham Secondary College was lured to a park, threatened with violence and forced to kiss the feet of a Muslim child. The story made international headlines. As a response, the Victorian government ordered an investigation into the incident. Last week, the mother’s boy testified in front of a parliamentary committee as part of an Inquiry into Anti-Vilification Protection.

Below is a letter that she wrote to ADC Chairman, Dr Dvir Abramovich


Dear Dvir,

On the 22nd of July 2019 when I sat alone in despair and crying to my dad in heaven asking for his help… dad answered me.

I always knew my dad was a great supporter of the ADC & that’s just the message that was sent!

As soon as I tried to establish contact, Dvir, you were immediately there!  You listened, you empathised and you put a action plan together.

The 1st action was to ensure the safety and future of my children and used every resource at your fingertips to ensure just that!

You protected us from the vulnerabilities that lay ahead when we collectively decided to make my sons story known.. what is really now ‘our story’.

A game plan to make sure we could move forward to establish change for other children and families caught in the anti Semitic fight of their lives.

You held our hands through the journey of police, school, media, education Dept & government matters.  You left no stone unturned.

Your passion became my passion.  You ignited my fire to fight for our community and beyond in the name of religious & racial vilification & hate crimes.

You reminded me about the deeper meaning of what my father instilled in me and the path he would want me to take.

Thank you from me & the kids, from the bottom of our hearts.  I can’t imagine how the journey would have ended without you & the ADC.

The journey isn’t over and you still stand with us moving forward with seeking change!

Kol Ha Kavod to you my friend! May you continue to be a fearless leader and inspiration to our community!


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