“A Depraved Act of Evil”: ADC condemns neo-Nazi vandalism at a Melbourne Kindergarten

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The Anti-Defamation Commission has condemned the defacement of the Middle-Park Kindergarten at Albert Park with neo-Nazi vandalism.

One of the kindergartens’ outside walls were painted with the words, “4th Reich” along with a Star of David.

The incident was reported to the ADC on Saturday afternoon by a shocked non-Jewish man who was walking in the area.

Dr Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, issued the following statement:

“To defile a place where children play and learn with neo-Nazi vandalism is beyond words and beyond contempt, and I hope that those cowards who committed this sickening outrage are identified and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

This senseless defacement is a vile attack on the core values and spirit of the kindergarten, a place where students, family and staff of all ethnic and religious backgrounds are welcomed.

This despicable graffiti is, unfortunately becoming part of a disturbing trend in our nation and is another reminder that there are individuals in our city with burning malice in their hearts, who keep writing out their evil fantasy: an Aryan Australia that will exterminate anyone who does not fit into their warped worldview.

Let’s remember that 1.5 million children were murdered in the Holocaust by the Nazis, and this graffiti is a death threat which should be taken seriously.

This open and public declaration of racial hatred is not just a real threat to Jews, but is a threat to everyone and was meant to sow fear and intimidation.

Collectively we must reject these ugly acts and the genocidal agenda they represent. Melbourne is a city of strength and pluralism, and united we will fight back against this filth which is invading our neighbourhoods at an alarming rate.”

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